A Community Website – Kirtlington Village

The site brings a new meaning to a community website! Individuals across the Community each have login details that will only allow them to update their own pages. The result is a Community led website, that is kept fresh and up to date.

This is a complex site that appears simple and easy to manipulate. The imagery is clear, the drop down menus allow easy access around a large site with many pages.

Behind the facade we have built the following;

  • Social networking links.
  • Individual logins which take users only to their pages.
  • A calendar that can be updated by key users.
  • Photo albums with key community events ported in from Flickr social website. Individuals can add their own photos.
  • Historic maps with modern road layout overlays.
  • Secure contact page that avoids unnecessary junk mail

Appreciate Wine

This website is our most ambitious project yet! The entire site is ‘Wiki’ enabled, so that viewers can login and change the text. Our Client’s aim is to provide a site that is informative, independent and updated by experts and individual’s experiences.

Whilst the complexity of the site is behind the scenes, the front end is simple to navigate, easy to login to manipulate, and visually exciting. The special features include;

Why not click on the image and add your own ideas to the site?….